14 Hilarious Truths About Marriage You Must Consider Before Getting Married

9. Sharing is caringBefore marriage sharing ice-cream was a romantic stuff but after marriage if you ask your wife to pass-on her ice-cream, it can cause war. She make 100 different reasons why you don’t want her to eat ice-cream. For married couple, sharing is caring is a myth which exist in movies and novels.

10. Sharing blanket is mythGuys though you have a king size blanket, try to pull blanket your side after marriage, you’ll realize how weak you are. Its better get a separate blanket. Pulling blanket can be one of your worst nightmare.

11. Mood SwingsWhen your girlfriend is mad at your, you can easily divert her mind and handle her mood swings but when that girl friend gets the privilege of being your wife, you can’t run away from her mood swings. You have to face it 24*7.

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