Health Insurance: What to do and What not to do

Health Wellness is one of the most important topics on everyone’s mind right now. This is not strange with the increasing number of new diseases and health issues observed in people of younger age. Our day to day life has been so busy that we do not have the time to take care of ourselves and our body. Due to this hectic lifestyle, our body does not get the appropriate nutritional and we start to suffer from different medical problems. Lack of care for our health can lead to any medical emergency at any time. One has to remain ready for such circumstances. With the improvements in medical technology and facilities in the private sector hospitals, most of the people prefer, the medical expenses are skyrocketing. With such high medical expenses you can expect to lose all your savings at once, that took a lot of time and hard work to accumulate. To be ready for such conditions and provide you your loved ones with the best available medical care, one must opt for a Health Insurance. Health insurance is not a new term for everyone, however, for those who do not have any idea about it, Health Insurance is an annual premium policy which covers all your and your families medical expenses in case anyone of you is hospitalized.

There are many types of health policies available in the market and most of them are very customer-centric. You can opt for a Health Insurance based on the amount you want as a cover. The annual premium will depend on that amount and the number of members that are included in it. If you take an individual Health Insurance plan, it will cost you the premium amount for a single person, however, if you take the cover of your entire family or spouse, the premium for two individuals will be more than what you pay for a couple or family. When you buy Health Insurance for more than one member, you get a good discount on the annual premium. Moreover, many Health Insurance companies also provide you rewards for rewards, cash back, and discount for taking an annual gym or yoga membership, to promote healthy living. There are many things one needs to check before opting for Health Insurance.

  • Select an appropriate amount: When you decide to buy a Health Insurance, make sure you decide on the amount you want your family to be covered with. Less Health Insurance cover can lead to a shortage of funds and high amount cover can increase your Health Insurance premium. Therefore make sure that the amount you have selected a good enough amount to cover your and families medical expenses.
  • Check the disease covered: One of the most important things to check in Health Insurance is the disease covered in it. In man health policies, many different types of diseases and medical conditions are not covered. In this situation, the individual has to pay the fees from the pocket. Therefore, it is suggested to check the critical and noncritical disease covered in your Health Insurance.
  • The network of Hospitals: Before you select and decide to opt for specific Health Insurance, make sure to check whether it covers all the hospitals near your home. In some cases, the hospitals covered in the policy are very far off and it is very difficult to commute there with the patient. Therefore, make a note to get a list of hospitals in Health Insurance and whether it is approved by hospitals near you.
  • Pre-post Hospitalization expenses: Most of the Health Insurance policies cover the medical expenses during the time patient is admitted in the hospital. However, with multiple Health Insurance policies in the market, many of them provide additional features such as pre and post-hospitalization expenses. In this, any medical test and doctor’s fee before admittance to the hospital is covered. Once the patient is well, post-hospitalization expenses such as medicine and doctor fee for regular checkups are also covered under the same annual premium. Make sure that your policy contains these features as well.
  • Cashless and pay later policies: You can find two types of Health Insurance in the market. The first one is where you have to pay the hospital fees and later claim it from the Health Insurance company. The problem here is that you have to pay the entire amount from your pocket first before claiming it. The second type of Health Insurance is the one that most people prefer nowadays, called Cashless hospitalization. In this, you can simply provide your policy number in the hospital and the entire amount is directly provided by the insurance company to the hospital
  • Free Medical Checkup: Every Health Insurance policy provides you with a free medical check. If not you can ask for it and they will provide it you free of cost. With increased competitions, such offers are common among insurance companies. You and any other family member under the Health Insurance will be provided with an annual free health check-up which will include all the basic body, heart and blood checkups.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits of opting for a Health Insurance policy. Just make sure that you select it from a recognized insurance company which provides cashless hospitalization and covers all the major hospitals and the ones in your vicinity. Also, ask for extra health checkups and additional features in the policy. Most policies pay you in the form of coupon and discount if you exercise regularly or paying a gym membership. Also, do not fall for any policy that is providing you an unbelievable discount or very low prices for Health Insurance. Just make sure to check the authenticity of the insurance company and the success rate of their claim settlement found online.


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