14 Hilarious Marriage Truths You Must Consider Before Getting Married

Marriage Truths

1. There is no break-up clause

Marriage Truths Before marriage when two individual get involved in a fight, sometime take a harsh steps to part their ways and move ahead in their own respected life whereas no such things are easy after getting married. After marriage, those two individual have to live together under one roof even after world war 3. The only way to get of marriage is divorce which is painful for them and for their families too Marriage Truths.

2. Your salary won’t be ONLY your salary anymoreBefore marriage you can spend your salary whenever on whatever you want. Post marriage one need to be responsible person. Before thinking about the personal need he/she need to first think about the family. Before marriage ask yourself whether you are ready to take-up this responsibility or not Marriage Truths.

3. Compatibility-UnderstandingWhether it is an arrange marriage or love marriage, compatibility is must. Without compatibility no relationship can last for longer period. Before taking vows to spend rest of the life with your partner, ask yourself is he/she compatible? The chemistry you have now will last life time? Marriage Truths

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