Scientists Reveal 8 Factors That Push People To Cheat

1. When person feel lonely in relationshipA person tries to find love elsewhere when they start feeling lonely in a relationship. It happens when partner stops giving enough time or due to incompatibility. Hence a person starts spending time with someone else and unknowingly they start enjoying else company. Scientist states that in such situation person starts feel that they are more compatible with that third person than their partner Cheat.

2. Communication gap leading to frequent fightsSometimes due to busy schedules or disinterest a huge communication gap takes place between two people. Lack of communication leads to misconceptions about each other. These misconception fills that communication gap and worsen the situation. People frequently starts fighting. They fail to understand each other needs. In search of peace, they go out where they find someone who understands them and their situation. At that time a person is very vulnerable hence they feel more connected to that outsider and that is how he/she forced to cheat.

3. Boring intimate relationshipFew people feel that after one certain point their $ex life starts getting boring. No new kinks are left to be explored. And this is the biggest reason why people decide to cheat. Studies states that  70% of men and 49% of women decide to cheat because of lack of newness in initiate relationship.

4. Addiction to social networksNowadays people are so addicted to social media that they’ll have time to pose a PDA with partner but don’t have time to ask about the whereabouts. Even on dinner dates, they are more into clicking snaps to upload on social media than spending quality time with the partner and praising the efforts he/she has put-in for the evening. Such type of addiction towards social media make a person feel lonely in a relationship.

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