Why Managing Finance is not that easy?


One thing people always worry about is to how can they manage their saving. To do so one searches many different investment schemes and plans to make sure that their savings are properly invested and they yield a high return in the shortest period. For someone, who has had guidance or already investing and managing their finances, will easily find the right investment for himself. However, for someone who is new to this and has never invested in their life before, finding the right investment plan and managing the money, is confusing and difficult at the same time. While managing one’s finance, a person distributes his income into his expenditure, that is important and saves an amount for saving and investment. However, most of the people only save that amount in the bank, with investing it elsewhere. For those who want more from their savings, apart from just the account interest rate, invest their money in plants such as Mutual Fund, Share Market, Stock Trading, FD’d, etc. They not only provide good return rates but also provides a secure way to invest your money. If invested properly, one can make a good amount of profit over the return.

Managing investment is easier when you have invested in just one company or policy. However, things can get more complicated and confusing when you have more than a couple of investments in different markets. For example, managing a simple investment in Fixed deposit is very easy as you do not need to look after the rates very often and check the status regularly. You are assured of a fixed return after a certain period. However, when you have invested in multiple securities such as fixed deposit, Mutual Fund, Stock trading, etc, you have to manage the portfolio of the Mutual Fund and check the rates and trends of Stock market. This might take a lot of your time just to manage and invest accordingly due to changing market conditions. In this case, it is always suggested not to manage your investment yourself. You can easily hire an investment professional who can manage and make investments on your behalf, in securities where the chances of profits are more. Hiring a professional can help you a lot of ways of managing your finances. First, he will let you know of any liabilities that you have monthly or after a regular period that is needed to invest in the market. He will keep you informed about the changes in the market and which stock or share you can buy or sell in that situation. Since these professionals work on fees and commission, they will always try to maximize your profits, as it increases their fees as well. The most important thing is detecting the risk related to your investment. Market professionals always keep an eye on the market and your investments associated with it. As soon as they detect any loss, they make the necessary changes that will help reduce the impact on your Mutual Fund portfolio. Managing your finances and investment might not be an easy task, but with some help and expert suggestion, you can manage and reduce the chances of any mistake or loss in the investment.

Let’s have a look at some of the issues a person can face while managing their finances and investments.

  • Needs constant attention: Mutual Funds, Stocks, Stock Trading, Share market and similar investment type are associated with a volatile market. Volatile markets keep on changing to high and lows with even with the slightest change. To invest in Mutual Funds or a specific company share, one needs to have constant attention on the market conditions. This is to make sure that one does not buy any security at high prices which later leads to loss. This takes a lot of time as one needs to be attentive towards the changes.
  • It needs a lot of experience: Managing your finances and investments need a lot of exposure beforehand. Unless you are sure about the Stock trading or Mutual fund investment, you will not be able to maximize your profits. You would need a lot of research and details to confidently invest in any policy.
  • First time investors are more likely to lose money: If you are investing for the first time, then surely you will not have much details and ideas on how the investment works. What you will understand is just the upper layer that is made to understand in an easy language. However, when it comes to details of terms and conditions, most first time investors are not knowledgeable about it. This can lead to loss of money in the initial investment. Therefore, if you are a first-time investor, make sure to take suggestions of an expert.
  • Different types of Investment in the market: With increasing market competition, many companies have launched a series of investment plans that promise to provide high return and low-risk profits. Most of them are Mutual Fund or securities related to the market. In a bouquet of such investment policies, it is confusing for an individual to identify the best investment policy. In such conditions, it is more likely that one might miss the best available policy while selecting a good investment.

These points emphasize on certain details that tell us how investment can be difficult for a person who is new to this or has never managed their finances before. Investment is a very big and important part of managing finances. Therefore, the most important suggestion would be to either research a lot about the company or investment type you are planning for or hire a professional to invest on your behalf. It would be a better option to hire a professional as it can save a lot of your time and reduce a lot of stress to manage your finances. Therefore, make sure that you know about every aspect before investing your hard-earned money to avoid any losses.


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