14 Simple Ways Women Can Make Men Go Crazy

1. ConfidenceMen like head-strong women who have courage to vocalize their own opinion and are not easy to manipulate. Confident women can woo any men because this quality of women make men go crazy. In this competitive world every guy wish to have a women whose confidence is enough to kill enemies.

2. No Faking aroundFakeness is something which men can’t digest. They like things clear, transparent and straight forward. A person can fake-out to impress someone but that can’t be continued for forever. Men love women who are very much comfortable in their own skin and doesn’t pretend to be someone else. Such women are very accepting and men know that these type of women will never leave their hand in their thin times.

3. Respect YourselfYou can respect other until you start respect yourself. World will consider you go ugly when you will make yourself feel ugly. Loving and respecting yourself is the most attractive thing and women with such quality can make any guy go crazy over them.

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